RSK Habitat Management provides a complete programme of work for projects that require agricultural and/or demarcation styles of fencing. We can supply and install a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional types of fencing for agricultural and demarcation purposes, and accesses for construction projects, onshore cable routes, pipelines, highways, railway and high-speed rail projects. We are adept at installing a wide variety of barriers, including post and rail, demarcation, easement, tree protection and field gates, including for livestock such as sheep, pigs and cattle. We also install pedestrian and bridleway gates. If requested, we will install stock fencing using the metal Clipex system.

Working in ecologically sensitive areas

We use specialist plant and equipment that enables us to carry out associated work across diverse ground conditions and topography. Moreover, we run specialist low-ground-pressure equipment for fencing and boundary work in ecologically sensitive areas. All our specialists hold the relevant plant and equipment certifications. We are also accredited with SMAS and CHAS.

On projects where trapping and translocation of protected species are recommended, we can supply and install wildlife barriers and associated traps for a wide variety of species, including great crested newts and other amphibians, slow-worms, adders, grass snakes, smooth snakes, sand lizards and common lizards. In addition, we are also able to install water vole fencing.

Where more robust fencing solutions are required, e.g., close to highways or railway infrastructure, we can provide a supply-and-installation service for badger and otter enclosures. On large, landscaped and newly planted areas, we will install deer and rabbit fencing to protect against grazing and provide a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic tree guards.

What we can do for you

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RSK Habitat Management is part of the RSK group of companies

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