The RSK Habitat Management team has extensive experience in providing and implementing ecological mitigation strategies that benefit clients and wildlife. We work to minimise the impact of development on flora and fauna to ensure projects are delivered safely and on time. Working closely with our in-house ecology teams, we supply bespoke solutions for our clients that are cost-effective, practical and pragmatic.

As well as avoidance, alleviation and compensation measures, we can help clients to enhance biodiversity and achieve biodiversity net gain. Early involvement during the planning process is critical, as we can help discharge any necessary planning conditions. Early contractor involvement helps to ensure that seasonal ecological constraints and risks are understood, and that the ecological mitigation strategy can be implemented on time and to budget. Our specialist ecological teams collaborate with clients, thereby ensuring that all mitigation and compensation work required is carried out promptly. Our teams also provide ecological mitigation services for a wide variety of protected plants and animals, including reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians.

Our specialist teams provide trapping and translocation services for great crested newts and can also help to enhance and create new habitats, including lined ponds, unlined ponds, hibernacula, log piles, aquatic plants, pre-planted coir rolls and pallets.

Ecological mitigation strategies

Habitat consultants can design ecological mitigation strategies for reptiles, including slow-worms, adders, grass snakes, smooth snakes, sand lizards and common lizards. Our teams can enhance and create new habitats, including basking banks, hibernacula, log piles, wildflower grassland and scrub mosaics.

We help to provide ecological mitigation services for badgers by installing badger fencing, sett closures, netting installation and destructive searches. We also engineer new habitat for badgers through a full design-and-build service for artificial badger setts. We can also conduct a wide variety of work for dormice, including installing dormice boxes and bridges, planting new woodland and scrub, destructive searches, and stages 1 and 2 vegetation clearance programmes of work.

By collaborating with our specialist ecological consultants, we provide a wide variety of bat mitigation services, including soft felling trees with bat roost features, constructing bat barns and bat basements, installing bat boxes, designing and planting bat foraging features such as hedgerows and woodland-edge habitat, and woodland planting.

We help to provide ecological mitigation services for otters by installing otter fencing and sensitive destructive searches. We create habitats for otters through building artificial holts, planting wet woodland species and creating and restoring wetland habitat. Our ecological specialists also provide mitigation services for water voles through water vole trapping and displacement. We also construct watercourses, create and restore wetland habitat, build drainage ditches and/or rhynes, carry out aquatic planting and install pre-planted coir rolls and pallets.

We conduct a variety of mitigation works for barn owls; this includes installing tree-mounted barn-owl boxes, pole-mounted tree boxes and creating grassland foraging habitat. Through collaborations with our specialist ornithologists, we provide a variety of breeding-bird mitigation work, including sensitive vegetation clearance, installing bird boxes, hedge laying and planting native hedgerow.

RSK Habitat’s specialist ornithologists carry out a variety of ground-nesting mitigation work, including clearing sensitive vegetation, creating wader scrape and wetland, and removing scrub. The team also provides specialist ecological mitigation services for fish. Our services include nutrient modelling, fish rescue and surveys carried out by our in-house aquatic and fisheries team. Additionally, we undertake further habitat mitigation work for fish, such as the creation of gravel bars and riffles, and coarse woody debris. We also provide mitigation for invertebrates by creating bee and insect hotels, green and brown roofs, and brownfield habitat mosaics, in addition to log-pile and basking-bund creation.

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