RSK Habitat Management provides a complete one-stop shop and turnkey solution for projects that require habitat creation and restoration. Our teams rely on the extensive experience of our in-house agronomists, soil scientists, ecologists, landscape managers and landscape designers, along with the extensive technical experience within RSK, to provide clients with bespoke solutions that are cost-effective, practical and pragmatic.

By collaborating with our clients, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the complex issues associated with habitat creation and restoration on sensitive terrestrial and aquatic sites. We also have significant experience in restoring habitats in ecologically degraded areas such as arable fields and brownfield sites.

Connecting services through a shared philosophy

We are a company steeped in the natural environment. Our teams are skilled at designing and creating peatland, moorland, woodland, species-rich grassland, heathland and upland habitats. Our ecologists, landscape professionals and ecological contractors have significant experience in restoring and creating habitats in ecologically degraded areas

Species-rich hay meadows, particularly unimproved grasslands, are rare and important habitats. Traditional hay meadows have declined across the UK because of changing farming practices and increased intensification of land use. Using data made available by recent changes to UK environmental legislation, and by focusing on biodiversity net gain and net-zero carbon, we now work with many landowners and stakeholders to restore and create new species-rich hay meadows and other unique grassland habitats. Our extensive range of grassland-specific capabilities includes wildflower meadow creation, subsoil and topsoil preparation, soil reinstatement, cultivations, final cultivation, herbicide treatment and weed management, supplementary seeding, hydroseeding, brush harvesting and green-hay strewing.

According to specialist sources, woodland in the UK is estimated to cover 3.21 million hectares, which represents 13% of the total land area in the UK. Associated services are essential to keeping this vital aspect of the natural environment healthy and intact, which has far-reaching repercussions on the environment and climate. Our woodland creation and restoration services include planting native woodland, trees and hedgerows, and enhancements through creating glades, coppicing and pollarding, and woodland scalloping.

Heathlands and moorlands are, typically, wild and open landscapes that stretch over vast areas. Heathland is found from sea level to about 1000 m. The more common lowland heath is found below 300 m over free-draining soils. Upland heath, or moorland, is found above 300 m over typically shallow mineral soils. Our specific services include heather harvesting and planting, soil acidity and nutrient status amelioration, soil disturbance and removal, sensitive scrub clearance, tree removal, herbicide treatment and invasive species management.

Peatlands are habitats supported by a naturally accumulated layer of peat. Peat soils are formed from carbon-rich, dead and decaying plant material under waterlogged materials. Peatlands cover 3% of the worlds land area and are the world’s largest terrestrial carbon stock, holding twice the amount of carbon stored in all the world’s forests. Although peatland cannot be created, it can be restored to prevent further breakdown of stored plant material and enable capture of new plant debris from above-ground vegetation. The primary method of peatland restoration involves rewetting or restoring and reinstating previous hydrological regimes. RSK Habitat Management is a framework contractor on the NRW Peatland Restoration and Moors for the Future frameworks. Our services include grip blocking, peat bunding, peat re-profiling, surface smoothing and water control structure installation. Other extensive services include gully management and repairs, bare peat restoration through re-vegetation and heather brash spreading, and sphagnum inoculation.

Wetlands are unique ecosystems that are either permanently or seasonally inundated with water. These dynamic environments support flora and fauna. We collaborate with Salix RW to construct in-channel habitat enhancements and perform channel re-profiling. We also re-profile rivers by creating channels, coarse and large woody debris, channel deflectors and riffles. Additionally, we have experience in creating and working on diverse intertidal habitats, such as salt marshes, dunes and mudflats.

Ponds are often overlooked but hugely important landscape features that provide natural flood management and nature-based solutions. Ponds also act as a significant carbon sink and sequestration source We excavate ponds and offer many creation services, including pond lining with bentonite and clay liners, clay puddling, pond planting, pond seeding and creating interlinked pond complexes.

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