RSK Habitat Management provides comprehensive tree and woodland management services to developers, civil engineers, housebuilders, utilities, landowners, agents and government clients. We provide our services to clients in heavily regulated sectors such as rail, highways, nuclear, airports, utilities, renewables and waterways. With our in-house fleet of machinery and trained tree surgeons, we can undertake large- and small-scale projects efficiently and effectively.

Working alongside ADAS, an RSK company, the Habitat team provides specialist arboriculture consultancy services such as applying for tree-felling licences. Using our in-house specialist fleet of equipment, we can provide mechanical vegetation and tree clearance using whole-tree mulchers and shears, grapple saws, remote-controlled equipment and whole-tree woodchippers. In areas or sites where mechanical clearance is not viable, we carry out manual vegetation and tree clearance work using brush cutters and chainsaws.

Using specialist equipment to safeguard the environment

The sectional felling and dismantling of large or windblown trees require highly skilled staff, careful planning and exceptional collaboration skills. Our expert arborists conduct a wide variety of tree management, including pollarding, coppicing, crown reduction, thinning, lifting and pruning. Our expert teams also carry out these complex clearance projects safely and efficiently, thus preventing costly delays and damage to infrastructure and housing.

Our specialist teams also conduct vegetation clearance and management work in ecologically sensitive habitats and sites. We use low-ground-pressure vehicles and other specialist equipment to keep disturbance to a minimum and ensure that sites are managed correctly. Examples include hedge laying with appropriate regional styles implemented depending on the project’s location.

Ash dieback is a chronic fungal disease that causes leaf loss and crown dieback in infected trees. Using our specialist mechanical clearance equipment, we safely fell and process infected ash trees in critical environments such as quarries and areas with public interfaces.

With our extensive knowledge, including in-house land managers, arboriculturists, arborists and ecologists, we provide a pragmatic, site-specific solution on difficult ground and in ecologically sensitive habitats.

What we can do for you

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